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We custom build wood custom windows and window sashes ; double hung, casement, French style, awning, arched top, gothic arch, fixed, attic, transom, interior, storm, screen, storm screen combination insert, replacement, custom made, sashes only or complete units. Reproduce to match existing old traditional and historical or custom manufacture to new custom design.

Glass : single pane putty glazed, double pane insulated, restoration/wavy glass available.

Mullions : authentic true divided lights, built in applied simulated mullions, for insulated glass with divided lights we provide grids between glass to give elusion of true divided lights.

Operations : weights and pulleys, tube balance, spring pins for double hung or single hung, hinged or crank for casement and awning.

We use mortise and tenon joint construction. We use premium grade natural solid wood. We provide prime as per request. No finish. No installation. We service nation wide.

Custom wood double hung window
Traditional wood custom double hung window unit, single pane putty glazed, true divided lights, tube balance operation, project in Long island NY. (REF. W1)











Arched top wood custom historical double widow unit
Inner arch top true double hung window unit, insulated restoration glass, simulated applied mullion, weighted pulley operation. Restoration project for a historical building in Penn Yen, NY. (REF. W2)









Gothic arched mullion wood custom histrical window sashes
Arched top with gothic arched mullion custom wood double hung historical window sashes, true divided mullions, single pane putty glazed glass, reproduction of existing, restoration project in NY. (REF. W3)









Custom wood casement window
Wood custom traditional double casement window unit, restoration wavy glass, true divided lights, hinged and sash stay operation, project in Long Island (REF. W4)
Custom wood awning window
Wood custom awning window unit, single pane putty glazed, hinged and sash adjuster operation, project in MD. (REF. W5)
Arched top custom wood storm window sash
Arch top traditional wood custom storm window sash for double hung window, single pane putty glazed. (REF.W6)










Wood custom storm screen combination insert sash
Custom wood storm screen combination insert window sash for double hung windows, bottom half has storm and screen inserts can be interchangeable from inside of room, single pane glass, charcoal aluminum screen. (REF.W7)









Arched top attic window unit
Arched top wood custom sun burst design operational attic window unit, insulated glass with simulated applied mullions, hinged and drop down operation. (REF. W8)
Custom wood transom window
Wood custom transom /clerestory window unit, double pane insulated glass, simulated applied mullion, project in Long Island NY (REF. W9)
Wood custom round historical window sash, single pane glass, putty glaze, true divided lights, restoration project in OH.(REF.# W10)

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