Wood Custom Moldings

We custom mill / reproduce wood custom moldings to match existing ;

Door and window trim/casing moldings,

Crown moldings, interior and exterior,

Baseboard moldings,

Arch top casing moldings,

Chair rails,

Shoe moldings,

Cap moldings,

Hand rails and etc.

We have over 5000 profile knives in stock to match any existing molding profiles and custom profiles, some of profile knives date back to 1892, combination are unlimited


Custom wood casing molding
Wood custom milled red oak casing door trim molding, replication of existing, project in NJ.











Custom wood trim casing molding
Custom milled wood custom historical casing molding, restoration project for boat museum in Thousand Island NY.









Custom wood casing trim molding.
Wood custom door casing trim molding, replication of historical restoration project in NYC.










Custom wood baseboard molding
Wood custom milled baseboard molding, reproduction of existing to match.








Custom wood plinth block molding
Wood plinth block molding, reproduction to match existing, renovation project.










Wood custom arched top window casing molding
Arched top interior custom wood window trim molding, restoration project.








Wood custom round window casing trim with key stone
Round window casing trim with key stone, custom wood, western red cedar, custom design, project in WA.








Custom wood hand rail
Wood custom hand rails, reproduction of existing, restoration project for a historical house.












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