Wood Custom Awning windows

We custom build wood custom awning windows and window sashes, reproduction of existing for restoration projects or custom design for new construction.

Architectural, historical, traditional, single, double, interior, exterior.

Glass : single pane putty glazed, double pane insulated, restoration / wavy glass available.

Operation : hinged or cranked

We can reproduce to match existing or custom build to your design and spec’s.

We use natural solid wood only

We provide prime as per request

No finish

No installation


Custom mahogany wood awning window unit
Wood custom wood awning window unit, single pane putty glazed, mahogany wood, hinged on top, sash adjuster operation, project in MD (Ref. AW1)









Custom wood awning window unit
Wood custom awning window unit, cranked operation, single pane, interior screen sash, custom design for new construction project in NY, for a tree house. (Ref. AW 2)








Custom wood interior awning window unit
Wood custom interior awning window unit, hinged and sash adjuster for operation, custom designed for renovation project in NYC. (Ref. AW 3)








Custom wood awining window sash
Wood custom awning barn window sash, project in NY (Ref. AW 4)


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